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“Vitality Within” offers Acupuncture in Hertfordshire and QiGong courses both live and online, helping you to regenerate your health, heal emotionally and build mental resilience.

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Vitality within Iga Amal

Hi, I’m Iga, a vitality expert, acupuncturist and QiGong teacher. I help people rebuild their health, maximise their focus and resilience to stress.

If you have been struggling with pain or poor health for a while, it can be confusing to know where to start. Sometimes it can be even difficult to imagine life without the tension, pain or fatigue you are feeling.

If you want to maximise your strength and vitality, whether you are healthy by medical standards or chronically ill, you have come to the right place.

I work with those who:

  • Have been to many specialists already
  • Lead a busy, often desk-bound lifestyle
  • Carry past pain or trauma
  • Are tired of accepting aches, anxiety or insomnia as a part of life
  • Want to transform into their healthiest, strongest selves

Sounds like you?


Vitality Within invites you to:


Cinic in Royston Herts/Cambs

QiGong & Taiji Courses

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What people say

“It’s an absolute pleasure having sessions with Iga – she makes you feel totally comfortable, is really experienced and knowledgeable and is a joy to spend time with too.”

Maddie Musgrove

Paula Brown

“I came to Iga having high expectations after she helped by wife’s back pain. After a few sessions, the treatments have met my expectations completely: I can now enjoy fishing pain free, as well as do the chores at home which earlier caused me discomfort.”

Tony B.

Acupuncture and QiGong are a marriage made in heaven. During an acupuncture treatment, your energy is moved and rebalanced, while in QiGong, you learn to do it yourself. Both have been shown to affect the brain and have a powerful effect on recalibrating the central nervous system, while harmonising the body on the musculoskeletal level.

Patients in the Vitality Within acupuncture clinic enjoy their treatment enhanced by breath and alignment coaching.

My QiGong students benefit from the in depth knowledge of meridians and acupressure that I bring into training.

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Free Resources

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