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Are you in pain?
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Live your life to the fullest and do what is important to you!

 “Vitality Within” offers acupuncture in Royston and surrounding areas, Taiji (Taichi) and online QiGong courses. It serves those who want:

  • resilience to stress
  • abundant energy
  • freedom from pain
  • freedom from trauma
  • a focused mind


Iga i Borianka

Iga’s Story

Hi, I’m Iga Amal Czarnawska, an acupuncturist in Royston, UK, QiGong teacher and a Vitality Specialist.

I have always felt in my heart that a human being should live happy, free of pain and full of energy. That this is the natural state for us all. But I did not know how to reconcile that belief with the sickness and pain I saw around me, and also with my own fragile constitution and troubled mind.

I am now happier and healthier in my 40s than I was 20 years ago, and I am passionate about helping you achieve that, too.

I have an MSc in Chinese Medicine, BA Summa cum Laude from Dartmouth College (USA), and a black belt in martial arts (bujinkan budo).

i have offers specially catering to you if you are:

busy & desk-




an athlete