We are always in a process of becoming and nothing is fixed
Bruce Lee

Hi, I’m Iga Amal: an Acupuncturist, QiGong teacher and Vitality Expert. I am also a parent to three children, a wife, an avid hiker and a martial artist.

I have always felt in my heart that a human being should live happy, free of pain and full of energy. That this is the natural state for us all. But I did not know how to reconcile that belief with the sickness and pain I saw around me, and also with my own fragile constitution and troubled mind.

I am now happier and healthier in my 40s than I was 20 years ago, and I am passionate about helping you achieve that, too.

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Iga’s credentials

  • Master of Science in Chinese Medicine from LSBU / Confucius Institute, London;
  • Published research in European Journal of Integrative Medicine;
  • Lecturer for the research module at the International College of Oriental Medicine;
  • Peer support group coordinator for the British Acupuncture Council in North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire;
  • Taiji gold medallist (x2) from Czech WKS open championships, silver and bronze medallist from Flemish Open championships, Brussels.
  • Over 15 continuing professional education diplomas, including training in:
    – Muscle motor point stimulation with Dr Richard Hazel,
    – Shonishin, non invasive paediatric treatment with Dr Stephen Birch,
    – Balance Method, SiYuan instutute (Dr Tan’s lineage),
    – Neoclassical Acupuncture with Dr Slate Burris.
  • BA summa cum laude (top 5%) from Dartmouth College, Ivy League, USA, with a year long independent study (senior fellowship) on Eating Disorders;
  • IB from the United World College of the Atlantic (Wales).

Iga’s story: How I was saved (twice) by Chinese Medicine

Most people who know me now, hiking up mountains and competing Taiji, would not have guessed what a sickly child I was.

I still remember coughing through the night: the exhaustion, the muscle strain, and then the guilt of keeping my family up! Diagnosis varied from asthma to recurring bronchitis to “we don’t know”. I would often be absent from school for several weeks. My parents had tried to find help for years, until they heard a travelling Ukrainian acupuncturist was coming to Warsaw, my home town. I was 11. I was scared of the initial session, but I soon found out there was nothing to worry about. We completed 10 sessions, and I never had a bad cough until Covid!

This the magic of treating children with acupuncture: the results are long lasting, often permanent, and can change lives.

Years later, among my many paediatric patients, I was also able to save my own son from poor growth, asthma and developing chronic fatigue. He is now a European martial arts gold medallist in wushu (kung fu), and a British national champion. You can read more about his story on his patreon page.

And then school and work challenged my mental wellbeing.

My teen and young adults years were rough. I went to some rather prestigious schools, such as the United College of the Atlantic in Wales (obtaining a highly competitive national scholarship), and later an Ivy League university in the USA, Dartmouth College. Pressure on us young people was high. Achieving your best was always a given, and while this gave me a great work ethic, it came with the burden of insomnia, mood swings and unhealthy eating patterns.


Now I know this highly Yang lifestyle needs to be balanced with Yin, but I did not know how to do it then. I just felt on autopilot.

Wherever I looked around, people struggled to keep balanced. Medication, therapy and unhealthy ways of stress-release were rampant. If only we were taught QiGong at school, so many heartaches could have been avoided!

Then, as a young filmmaker in the USA, I was approached by Laura Cooley to help edit her amazing video called “Unimagined Bridges”. It shows the power of ear acupuncture in treating trauma.


I edited interviews with war veterans, hurricane Katrina victims and 9/11 fire fighters, even the chief of the New York fire brigade. They all spoke so highly of how ear acupuncture helped them, that I was intrigued.

We bartered skills. I had recently given birth to my first son and with no family close by to help, I often felt at the brink of exhaustion. Laura’s acupuncture and moxibustion treatments felt like a magic elixir of strength was poured straight into my body!

Soon, I became deeply convinced that physical and mental health is the basis for self-realisation as well as society’s wellbeing. I retrained, obtaining a masters degree in Chinese Medicine. Studying was hard with two sickly boys at home and a newborn baby. One of my acupuncture teachers, Awais Mian, introduced me to QiGong. I found QiGong soon became my anchor in the storm: allowing me to feel grounded, calm, and to powerfully “recharge my batteries”.

Which brings me to you.

It is now my life’s mission to help people find the calm and vitality I was able to access.

So go ahead, find out about the power of QiGong, or if you are local, read about my Acupuncture Clinic

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