Wind, rain, cold and heat cannot harm the human body unless the latter is already in deficiency
Neijing, vol IV

Why choose acupuncture

Acupuncture is rising in popularity, and for a good reason: it has helped thousands of people, and the research proving its efficacy is accumulating. Nowadays, I barely need to explain that the treatment involves placing sterile needles at specific acupoints. Rather, we answer specific questions on what acupuncture treats, such as will acupuncture help back pain, nerve pain or sciatica, or can acupuncture help anxiety. The answer is invariably yes, but the extent depends on your individual condition as well as the “dose” of treatment. Some issues resolve very quickly (1-3 sessions) ohers require a longer term approach. I will help you understand your condition with a complimentary Initial Consultation Report.

Backed by science

Did you know that acupuncture is one of the safest treatments out there? When performed by a qualified acupuncturist, it is safer than many over the counter medications! The most typical side effects are actually rather pleasant, such as a deep relaxation, or feeling more energetic and alive.

Research proving acupuncture’s efficacy is accumulating fast. One of the reasons it is lagging behind Eastern clinical knowledge is that only recently we have been able to study what is going on in a living organism. fMRI scans of the brain have shown immense activity specific to various acupoints.

NICE (NHS) now recommends acupuncture for migraines and tension headaches, and research on chronic pain shows great persistence of the pain relief effect 1 and 2 years after the stopping of treatment (MacPherson, 2017),

Iga’s approach

Three things make my approach unique.

FIRSTLY, all of my clients get an Initial Consultation Report after the first treatment session – prepared especially for you that lists my findings, outlines the approach strategy and any recommendations I make, so you don’t have to take notes but can relax during treatment.

SECONDLY, in addition to treating you, I think creatively about ways you can help yourself in between the acupuncture sessions, be it breathing techniques, acupressure, diet or exercise.

THIRDLY, I am uniquely qualified to help you with the above: I practise and teach QiGong, practise Taiji and martial arts, as well as holding a long-term interest in diet and nutrition. All of these form an amazing continuum with the arts of healing.

About Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is usually very relaxing. For some people, it is their weekly time to recharge. I maximise your treatment time by taking case hisory online, as well as offering oniline follow up forms between treatments.

I have at my disposal a wide variety of techniques. From traditional acupuncture to Motor Point Stimulation, cupping, Gua Sha, electro-acupuncture, Tui Na massage, gentle Shonishin, ear-seeds, press-tacks and various moxibustion techniques – you can rest assured there will be something to suit your condition and treatment preference.

Treating Children

Children are amazing patients: open-minded and quick to heal.

My interest in working with children started when addressing severe asthma and later borderline Myalgic Encephalopathy in my own family. I now regularly see young patients for frequent colds, moodiness, digestive issues and more.

When working with children, parents become a part of a team, administering acupressure and gentle massage at home.

I use both paediatric acupuncture on children and a non-invasive Shonshin (meridian massage) technique, as well as moxa and cupping.

“Treating a child is more than treating a disease. It is giving someone their childhood back” – Dr Julian Scott.

Treating Athletes

If being in a great shape physically and mentally is important to you, Vitality Within has much to offer. Acupuncture is a quick and effective treatment for injuries and pain, and can also be invaluable in helping you achieve peak form by fostering muscle balance through motor point stimulation and enhancing workout recovery.

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Trauma Treatment

A traumatic experience sits in your mind as well as body and prevents you from realising your potential. Acupuncture is used extensively to address PTSD across several countries and institutions, including the US army.

You do not have to suffer from PTSD, however, to benefit from trauma treatment. Any pain that holds you back and is weighing you down is a tremendous strain on your life, energy, relationships and health.

Both Acupuncture and QiGong will help you to process your pain without the need to talk.

You can learn more about trauma treatment here


Acupuncture will go the extra mile if supported by your lifestyle.

Packages are designed for those who are serious about rebuilding their vitality. You will receive individualised guidance to better nutrition, alignment and physical balance. You will also get full access to my online QiGong programme as well as support between sessions, and access to our supportive commnunity.

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