Iga’s passion for supporting athletes started with treating her middle son, Yavor Czarnawski-Iliev, who is an elite Chinese Martial artist and a British Wushu (Kung Fu) champion.

Travelling to competitions all over Europe we experienced first hand how much acupuncture can help with injury prevention and treatment, as well as vitality regeneration.

Iga’s clients now include yoga, pilates and kick boxing instructors, as well as fellow martial artists.

Balancing muscles, easing muscular tension and lactic acid build up, as well as enhancing workout recovery will help you be your very best.

Acupuncture can help you by optimising your tissue healing, enhancing digestion, and balancing muscles with motor point stimulation. Past injuries can also be addressed, regardless of time elapsed.

The quality of workout recovery is the deciding factor in peak performance for elite athletes.

When you recover faster, you can train sooner. Several Olympic athletes have now incorporated cupping and acupuncture in their training and recovery regime.

Acupuncture can go a long way to relax a whole meridian (or fascia) line, easing tension and allowing deep relaxation.

Muscles sustain micro-tears in training, which then heal to become stronger. Acupuncture enhances circulation aiding the delivery of essential nutrients as well as immune system components that repair the muscle.

On a holistic level, many athletes suffer from prolonged effects of “fight and flight” mode, which may include a weakening of the digestive fire. Acupuncture can help athletes also by balancing the Central Nervous System. We aim to teach your body to switch into the stress response only when needed, and switch into a parasympathetic, regenerative mode when rest must be a priority: this is when tissues heal and nutrients get absorbed well.

Dietary and acupressure prescriptions may be given as a part of yourInitial Consultation Report, which is included in your Initial Consultation fee.

Acupuncture helps athletes:


  • ease muscle tension and lactic acid build up

  • speed up training recovery

  • alleviate old injuries

  • balance muscles through electric motor point stimulation
  • enhance digestion and regenration
  • maximise energy

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What people say

As an athlete representing Great Britain, I rely on these sessions to keep my health in top shape and chase away any developing knee pain or asthma. It has made a huge difference to my performace.

Yavor, Chinese Martial Arts

When I developed a strange pain in my hand, I immediately went to see Iga, as she helped me with bad back pain in the past. I could not bend one hand fully, it ached, and got in the way of my golf game. Three sessions later my hand was back to normal: no pain and normal range of motion, and I could enjoy golf again!

Peter B., golfer

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