“Wind, rain, cold and heat

cannot harm the human

body unless the latter

is already in deficiency” –

Neijing, vol IV.

If being in a great shape physically is an important part of your lifestyle, or even livelihood, assisting you to achieve your goals is my passion!

I have worked with athletes, yoga, pilates and martial arts instructors as well as personal trainers to help them nurture their vitality, speed up recovery and more.

Here is what Vitality Within can help you with:


& pain

Acupuncture is an extremely powerful and efficient way to address your injuries, old or new. Sometimes pain is not specific to your sport or activity, such as back ache, or a stiff neck. Those are equally important to address so that they do not cause imbalance in the surrounding muscles.


The technique I work with sends signals to your body (through fascial planes) that improve circulation of blood and lymph in the area, and modulate the immune and inflammatory responses. The effect on pain is immediate in 90% of cases, but goes much beyond that: helping the tissues to heal and often regenerate. With regular treatment, this regeneration can be quite deep.



Did you know that for the top athletes, the quality of their workout recovery is the deciding factor for their results?

Quite simply, when you recover better, you can train better.

When you recover faster, you can train sooner.

When your digestive system and circulation are in top shape, the muscle fibres broken down in training regenerate more efficiently.

During an in-person treatment, I will be able to assess the condition of your digestive system by looking at your pulse and tongue, and if need be, address your general levels of energy and your sleep quality.

Cupping, recently popular among Olympians, may be used to relax tense muscles.

muscle “mot”: motor point stimulation

Muscle motor point stimulation is a technique which combines Eastern traditions with Western technology. Using gentle electric current, I isolate and “work out” a particular muscle, making it more responsive to your exercise.

Often, muscles responsible for big, explosive movements become a bit lazy, while others swiftly learn to overcompensate.


This condition starts at school, as we are sitting for hours a day during a crucial time of development, when our ancestors would have been running around and climbing trees. Consequently, an underlying imbalance makes us much more prone to back aches, shoulder tension and other patterns of pain and stiffness.

I have trained with Dr Richard Hazel, who takes care of a US rugby team, and have since used this technique on several patients, including golfers, martial arts and kick boxing instructors.


Case studies

Yavor is a junior Wushu (Kung Fu) athlete on the GB team, who discovered 2 days before his turn in 2018 European championships that he could not squat on his left knee. This would have made it impossible for him to perform. Two acupuncture treatments sufficed to get his knee in fully working condition, and he went on to get a medal at his first international competition!

N. wanted to pursue his old passion: teaching yoga, after retiring in his 70s. Unfortunately after many years at a desk, his shoulder was painful, and doctors suggested hydrocortizone injections, which he preferred to avoid. A series of acupuncture treatments gradually improved the condition and minimised pain, after which we used motor point stimulation to re-balance surrounding muscles. While this was a long term project, N. now is not only pain-free, but practices shoulder stands with people several decades younger!

M. is a martial arts instructor, who developed an achy lower back. SInce it developed after a training session which included a lot of leaps and jumps, I suspected glute weakness caused other muscles to over compenstate. One treatment of motor point stimulation on all the glute muscle groups and later warming up the lower back was sufficient to take away the pain, and what is most important, bring back balance in the muscle kinetic chain.

Also try QiGong!

QiGong is a movement and balance system, which helps calm the mind and re-wire the Central Nervous System, while improving circulation, balance, lung capacity as well as gradually stretching and strengthening the whole body.


That is why I called my QiGong programmes “Becoming a Balanced Dragon”!