One wants the blood vessels to allow unimpeded motion, the sinews to be firm and the bones hard, the heart, mind and will to be concordant, the vital energies to flow. – The LuShi Chunqiu

You can view availability for acupuncture in Royston, book and reschedule your acupuncture appointment up to 48 hours in advance without incurring a cancellation fee. Forms will be sent to your inbox, saving you valuable treatment time. For Bishop’s Stortford acupuncture appointments, please contact reception at the Folly at the number below.

royston clinic

42 Upper King Street, Royston SG8 9BA. (google maps: 42 King Street, Royston). Stairs access as clinic is in a listed building. If this might be a problem, please book an acupuncture home visit in Royston.

home visits

elysium, Bassingbourn

taiji & qigong group

Elysium, Mondays at 4:45pm. Begginers welcome. New group starts in June.


FREE initial 10 minutes consultation.

VIDEO HEALTH GUIDANCE: £55, 45 mins. Zoom by default, Skype or Whatsapp on request.

Bassingbourn Barracks: Army personnel only

For more information, contact iga[at]

online courses
qi gong
bishop’s stortford clinic
Book directly with The Folly Osteopaths, by calling them on 01279 655052 or writing to:
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Send an email enquiry to iga[at] or call 0333 772 2098.