Treating a child is more than treating a disease. It is giving someone their childhood back.
Dr Julian Scott

Children are amazing patients: open minded and quick to heal. My interest in working with children started when addressing severe asthma and later borderline Myalgic Encephalopathy in my own family. I now regularly see young patients and keep a box of toys in the treatment room.

A child’s system is still so fresh and dynamic, that a little intervention goes a long way. A treatment in childhood is like a pebble thrown into a lake: the ripple effects of the benefit will stay with the child for years to come. Often, indigestion and moodiness improve immediately, while serious problems can be corrected over time.

Acupuncture for children uses small needles and can safely be used even on babies. It is not uncomfortable!

Non invasive paediatric techniques are also a part of the treatment and I train parents to use acupressure and cupping on their children.

When working with children, parents become part of the team, administering acupressure and gentle massage at home. I use both paediatric acupuncture on children and a non-invasive Shonshin (meridian massage) technique, as well as moxa and cupping.

I regularly see young patients for:


  • frequent colds
  • asthma
  • moodiness
  • digestive issues
  • congenital and growth factors

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What people say

My 4 year old daughter is usually bright, happy, friendly and helpful. Then she became constipated and was having soiling accidents several times a day. She was also incredibly stroppy, easily frustrated and was falling out with her friends! She looked pale and tired too. Iga showed me a very simple treatment, after I performed it once only, her bowel problem cleared up pretty much immediately. Her mood improved over the course of a couple of days, back to her normal happy self. It is an easy sequence that I can repeat when she needs it (in fact it is probably time to do it again now!) 
Mum of two, Shepreth

My son (5), who had been healthy, suddenly developed asthma and needed Ventolin once every day and once every night. After a few month of this, we decided to see Iga. There was a marked improvement from the first session and after the second one, he did not need inhalations for over two weeks!

Mum of three, Royston.

We brought our teenage son to Iga after a paramedic suggested acupuncture for his sudden anxiety attacks. He was hesitant about the needles but determined to get better, and CBT was not helping. Iga put him at ease and diagnosed the problem – it was clear from session 2 how much better he got. We completed 6 sessions as advised and there is no sign of anxiety on the horizon. We are so grateful we found Iga, he has his life and confidence back now!

Parents from Essex.

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