“Wind, rain, cold and heat cannot harm the human body unless the latter is already in deficiency”
Neijing, vol IV.

Acupuncture: effective & long lasting

Acupuncture at Vitality Within in Royston brings considerable immediate relief for most issues. At the same time, Iga’s scientific background guarantees a systematic approach to the most multi-layered health problem. You are welcome to browse ailment list in the drop down menu, keeping in mind it is not exhaustive. You may wish to book a free video consultation to enquire about how acupuncture can benefit you.

Treatment at Vitality Within is more than acupuncture

Chinese Medicine is an art of waking up the essence of health and vitality which is at our core. There is much more to it than sticking needles!

Three things make Vitality Within approach unique:

An in-depth assessment

Initial acupuncture session (90 minutes) includes pulse, tongue, dietary and postural assessment and often breath and alignment coaching. You receive an in-depth written report which outlines my findings and strategy for healing. It will also offer you tips and suggestions to implement immediately between your acupuncture sessions.

Bespoke treatment plan

Acupuncture treatment is always tailor-cut to your needs and I take special pride designing progressive transformational plans that help my clients enjoy life in best health. Your needs will be met with a wide skillset, which includes much more than pure acupuncture or needling: e.g. cupping, Tui Na massage, acupressure, motor point stimulation. Treatment can be as gentle or as decisive as your constitution requires.

Participate in your care

My mission is to empower you to understand your health. Your treatment is explained at every stage and I work with you to enhance acupuncture effects at home.


In-person health consultations and acupuncture treatment are offered in the Vitality Room in Royston, UK. Royston is an old market town on the border of Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, UK. Royston is easily accessible by car on the A505 and A10, and on the fast train from Cambridge (13 mins), Letchworth Garden City (8 mins) or Stevenage (25 mins). Exact location and access are shown here.

The acupuncture clinic is in a charming space at the top of a listed building. While central to Royston town, it is a quiet haven with complete privacy. You get to enjoy your treatment surrounded by wooden beams, among real plants and the smell of pure essential oils.

Daytime and evening treatments are available. You can check availability here.

Home visits are offered upon enquiry. If you are unable to climb stairs, please get in touch.


All new patients considering acupuncture in Royston are entitled to a no-strings-attached video consultation (20 mins), during which we can get to know each other and find out whether Vitality Within is a good fit for you.

Free Consultation

Initial consultation, including a treatment report and in-depth Chinese Medicine evaluation:

90 minutes, £185

Follow up: 60 minutes, £85.

Paediatric: Initial consultation with written report: 45 mins, £65
Follow up: 30 mins: £45


Quick Pain Buster: initial consutation fee may be omitted in cases of a straightforward pain, such as: Acute back, Carpal Tunnel, Golfer’s/ Tennis Elbow etc. This is subject to approval at initial free phone or video consultation.

VITALITY Insurance CUSTOMERS ONLY: £35, 25 mins, after initial free phone or video consultation.
Home visit surcharge: £10 – £30, upon enquiry only.


It is Iga’s mission to spread the wisdom of holistic medicine to everyone.
Acupuncture can change your life, as we have seen it happen innumerable times.

If you cannot afford to pay the full fee but are serious about getting better and passionate about getting treatment from the best, please apply here and we will be in touch soon.


Monthly maintenance and “Symptom Buster” packages available for existing clients.

Book here


“On contacting Iga, I had a fair-sized list of various ailments that I just couldn’t explain or find help with at my traditional GP. Iga took a good amount of time on our initial session to get an in-depth history on my health and from there went on to combine fantastic dietary and lifestyle advice with a mixture of acupuncture, massage and other Chinese therapies (e.g. cupping, etc).

I’m so pleased with the results! I’m continuing to book monthly treatments to maintain and support my health in a holistic way that I feel that traditional approaches can’t provide.”

Michael S.

“Iga went over and above to help me make sense of what was happening to my body and then proceeded to gently but effectively help with the mental and physical recovery, I honestly don’t think I would be as far along as I am without her. Your generosity, grace and expertise meant so much more during these difficult times than I can put in words.”

Rachel S

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