“Wind, rain, cold and heat

cannot harm the human

body unless the latter

is already in deficiency” –

Neijing, vol IV.


Cupping is a “massage in reverse”, as vacuum is used to pull the skin and fascia and loosen the tissues, improving circulation. The pores of the skin open, easing detoxification. Cupping is excellent for:

  • muscle tension and recovery after training,
  • to strengthen the lungs and help banish coughs in cases of colds, flu and otherupper respiratory diseases,
  • to support the immune system.

“The best thing I spent my money on. Our bodies are going to hurt after [training] for so long.
[Cupping] is the best thing that I’ve ever had. It has
saved me from a lot of pain.”
Naddour, US Olympic gymnast

elite athletes who use cupping
  • Michael Phelps, USA Olympic swimmer;
  • Floyd Mayweather, American pro boxer;
  • Andy Murray, Scottish tennis player, world No 1 for 41 weeks;
  • Nathalie Coughlin, USA Olympic swimmer;
  • Wang Qun, Chinese teenage swimmer, Beijing Olympics;
  • Amir Khan, professional boxer, lightwelterweight world champion;
  • Alex Naddour, US Olympic gymnast.
Cupping is offered as part of an acupuncture session, or as shorter, stand-alone appointments.
tui na

Tui Na is a massage based on Chinese Medical understanding of Qi flow in the meridians. It powerfully boosts lymphatic circulation, and deeply affects the body through the use of acupressure points on the body and on the feet (reflexology).

Depending on your preferences and needs, can be quite strong (yang) or very gentle (Yin Tui Na). Tui Na is best for:

  • those who want to address health issues without the use of needles;
  • those wishing to experience a medical massage fully tailoired to their needs;
  • small children, for whom the parents can continue the treatment at home.

Tui Na appointments are the same length and price as acupuncture appointments. Depending on your health needs, a treatment may combine elements of the two.