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If one practices what is good, one does not lose their divinely bestowed nature
Liu I-Ming


Acupressure for mental health and emotional balance

Acupressure is an amazing tool to balance your mental health and emotions! It can help ease anxiety, insomnia, depression and irritability, or just plain old stress. If you are looking for free acupressure or acupuncture resources, get Iga’s in-depth free pdf guide and see for yourself why people rave about it!



Foods to ease hot flushes

If you are suffering with hot flushes, understanding Chinese food energetics will ease your symptoms almost immediately. Indispensible in menopause, this handy cheat sheet is a resource which will help you also with other causes of heat, even if you are a male.


Acupressure guide to monitor health

I am going to give you a very powerful tool: a list of points on the body, which, when tender, will tell you a lot about your internal health. Of course, there are dozens of such points, if not hundreds. This free acupressure resource will teach you the three which I palpate most often, and which are easy to find on your own.

You will be able to use this to monitor your health and also perform acupressure.



This is a detailed tutorial of the Taiji / tachi movement called Yun Shou, or Moving Hands Like Clouds. This version is according to the Yang style. This movement is a part of most Yang style Taiji forms, but can be used on its own as a wonderful exercise for the arms, legs, torso and the mind.


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Here is a present for you: Download my FREE Acupressure Guide to MONITOR YOUR HEALTH. It walks you through 3 amazing points I often use in clinic.

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