Symptoms appear when an

imbalance of the inner

energetic state occurs.

The root must be dealt with – Dr S. Gascoigne.,

There are many kinds of healing.

Maybe you want to take care of a nagging pain like carpal tunnel syndrome, a sports injury or back ache, or maybe you need to rebuild your vitality from inside out, such as after a long term debilitating disease, or many years spent at a desk.


Or maybe you need to heal your soul.


Whatever it is, rest assured there are pathways to healing to suit your situation.


Three ways to begin your healing journey:


ACUPUNCTURE can effectively address pain as well as several other complex issues of the body and the soul. If you are local (Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, UK), I warmly invite you for treatment. This amazing medical system also includes:

cupping, guasha, meridian massage (Tui Na) and muscle motor point stimulation.


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QiGong helps people not just calm their mind, but re-wire their Central Nervous System, and in addition, improves circulation, balance, and gradually stretches and strengthens the whole body. Why is it not better known in the West beats me, but I am on a mission to change it!

That is why I called my QiGong programmes “Becoming a Balanced Dragon”!

My in-depth movement and breathing programmes will adjust to your ability, meeting you and pushing you at your level.

Do you want to harness the power of QiGong for yourself?


To meet the needs of those rebuilding their health on a deep level: mothers who need a re-set, my patients recovering from cancer and chemotherapy, those who gave it their all at work for too long. Since you will benefit from both QiGong and Acupuncture, or QiGong and remote Health Coaching, I have created special packages for you.