Optimising Vitality

If you are aiming for excellence in your life, your health must become the cornerstone.

Our health dictates how much we can achieve and enjoy in life. The best plans are dependent on the strength and focus to carry them out. Too often we accept fatigue, allergies, poor sleep and infirm aging as a given. Don’t let those “diseases of civilisation” steal days and weeks from your enjoyment of life.

You don’t have to have a diagnosis to see an acupuncturist!

Enterpreneurs, CEOs and elite athletes know that self-care is an obligation to ourselves, our work and our loved ones. We have this one body to enjoy in this lifetime, investing in it means investing in the quality of your life at large.

Acupuncture and QiGong can help you reach your full potential: physically and mentally. Even when you are considered “healthy” by Western medicine, ask yourself: does my body work with full harmony and efficiency? Is my focus sharp and my spirit aligned with my mind and emotions?


If you are dealing with high pressure and a lot of responsibility, acupuncture can help make sure you have the energy to meet those expectations, while mitigating the effect of stress on your body.

If you worked hard for many years, maybe leading a sub-optimal lifestyle, you might want to invest in enjoying the best of health and vitality in your retirement. Just as the liver can regenerate, we can change the state of energy in our body if we have the correct tools and a bit of perseverance.

Dietary, QiGong and acupressure prescriptions may be given as a part of your Initial Consultation Report, which is included in your Initial Consultation fee.

Vitality Within can help you


  • Regulate sleep and digestion
  • Optimise energy levels
  • Sustain clear focus
  • Ease stress and recharge
  • Regenerate the liver and balance internal health

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What people say

Normally I feel exhausted all the time, but unable to sleep. Last night after the treatment, I actually felt sleepy! I fell asleep easily, and slept deeply. What a difference!! THANK YOU!!

Lesley R.

On contacting Iga, I had a fair-sized list of various ailments that I just couldn’t explain or find help with at my traditional GP. Iga took a good amount of time on our initial session to get an in-depth history on my health and from there went on to combine fantastic dietary and lifestyle advice with a mixture of acupuncture, massage and other Chinese therapies (e.g. cupping, etc).

I’m so pleased with the results! I’m continuing to book monthly treatments to maintain and support my health in a holistic way that I feel that traditional approaches can’t provide.

Michael S.

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