Nine out of 10 patients at my acupuncture clinic experience an immediate reduction in their pain levels, ranging from 70% to 100%.

Pain eats away at your energy and joy, limits you in your daily life, and often causes muscles to compensate in ways which lead to further problems. Yet medication for pain is not a permanent solution, and often comes with side effects.

Did you know that scientific studies have shown acupuncture to outperform medication in the treatment of pain by a big margin? The effect still persisted even 2 years after acupuncture treatment stopped. For many, this means a 100% relief (MacPherson et al, 2017). In addition, there are no side effects apart from, possibly, feeling more relaxed.

Acupuncture is hugely effective in the treatment of pain because it promotes healing on the musculoskeletal level as well as affecting the Central Nervous System.

I practise styles of acupuncture called the Balance Method and Neoclassical acupuncture, which in 90% of cases offer immediate relief. I am so confident in my skills that I demonstrated them live on soldiers at the Bassingbourn Army Barracks in 2021 and 2022, and got a big smile from the Commander, as soldiers stood up one by one pain free. Please note though, treatment needs to be repeated for the effect to be permanent.

Your posture and muscle tone will also be taken into account. When needed, particular muscles can be balanced with motor point electro stimulation. I may also prescribe QiGong based exercises to support you in between acupuncture treatments. A detailed plan of action is given in your Initial Consultation Report, which is included in your Initial Consultation fee.

Pain conditions most often treated with acupuncture:


  • back pain and neck pain
  • acute back
  • sciatica
  • shoulder pain / frozen shoulder
  • knee pain
  • elbow pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraines and tension headaches
  • old injuries and scars
  • period pain (see Women’s Health)

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What people say

I came to Iga having high expectations after she helped by wife’s back pain. After a few sessions, the treatments have met my expectations completely: I can now enjoy fishing pain free, as well as do the chores at home which earlier caused me discomfort.

Tony B

My left shoulder has been painful for two years despite trying various treatments, and I was considering getting cortisone injections. However, after a series of treatments with Iga I am now pain free, and I can push myself further in my yoga practice.

Nigel K

My husband’s back had been problematic for years. He saw several specialists for it, who would make it better, but only for a short period of time. He had not tried acupuncture before we met Iga, and decided to give it a try seeing how much she helped me. The results have exceeded our expectations by far! He has had no pain for over 2 months, and is still pain free… We will have more acupuncture soon to keep up this great result!

Alex C.

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