a journey of a thousand

miles begins with a single step –


I created Phoenix to meet the needs of those rebuilding their health on a deep level:

  • those recovering from cancer and chemotherapy,
  • those who gave it their all and above for too long,
  • mothers who need a re-set,
  • those weighed down by trauma
  • those plagued by a plethora of ailments.

phoenix is a bespoke package created to supercharge your vitality

What is included:

  • a series of 15 Acupuncture or Remote Health Coaching sessions,
  • Full access to my online QiGong programme, with practical videos, theory and support,
  • structured 3-step homework following my exclusive Phoenix algorithm,
  • personal WhatsApp support in between sessions.
phoenix is for you if…
  • you are passionate about rebuilding your health
  • you are willing to learn with an open mind
  • you like having a flexible structure you can follow to achieve results
  • you appreciate the unity of Mind and Body, and welcome working on both
  • you are prepared to put in the work to help yourself
it is not for you if…
  • you don’t want to be an active participant in getting better
  • you can’t find the time to commit to the programme
  • you are not able to make some changes to your lifestyle,
  • you are not sure about the value of having more energy and feeling good

Battle with cancer left me exhausted, I often struggled to get through the day. I reached out to Iga seeking acupuncture treatment, but I found so much more than that. Iga has worked with me through QiGong, diet and other lifestyle advise, giving me regular “homework” after my acupuncture treatments. She was with me whenever I needed to reach out to her, such as before a check up, when anxiety was high. I am so pleased I embarked on this journey! And the “side effect” of Iga’s treatment has been the disappearance of the dark circles under my eyes! Diana B.