“When energy is full and the

spirit is complete, the road is

stable and the foundation is

secure. – Liu Yi MIng


taiji (TAICHI) and qigong

Taiji is an art of moving in a strong, stable and physiological natural way, with roots in Chinese Martial Arts. It develops balance and strength. I teach Taiji with a focus on meridians and health, using my knowledge of the body according to Western science and Chinese Medicine, and combine it with QiGong.


QiGong is a system of movement and breathing, developed in ancient China as a means of maintaining health and prolonging life.


In China, businessmen may practise QiGong and Taiji for its health benefits: to increase focus and keep their body agile, while school children do it at the beginning of their lessons. Every martial arts master and every Taiji master will also practise some QiGong, also called “the internal arts”.

QiGong brings you the same benefits as meditation, while also stretching and strengthening the body.

What are the benefits of QiGong and taiji?

  • deep stress release: like a mini holiday for your mind!
  • regaining alignment: which you can maintain in motion.
  • increasing lung capacity: boosting your vitality
  • regulating the central nervous system: calming the “fight & flight” mode
  • boosting circulation: efficiently undoing the damage of too much sitting
  • waking up dormant muscles: you choose how much to push yourself
  • increasing resilience to stress: so you can put a bad situation behind you asap.

imagine being calm and fit… regardless of what’s around you!

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