When energy is full and the spirit is complete, the road is stable and the foundation is secure.
Liu Yi Ming

The benefits of QiGong & Taiji

Do you sit too much?
Do you often feel under pressure?
Are you exhausted and feel empty at the end of the day?

  • Imagine being calm and fit… regardless of what’s around you!
  • Learn movements which counteract a sitting lifestyle
  • Gain tools which you can easily incorporate into your life to recharge, any time

Fridays 10:30am at the Royston Scouts Hut, offering a mix of QiGong and Taiji. A welcoming community serving students from Royston, Letchworth Garden City and the surrounding Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire villages.

Mondays 10:30am – a new beginners group. Please CONTACT ME if you wish to join either class. First class is £5, half-term payment thereafter.

Royston Classes

Wednesdays, Online classes. Choose from two sessions:  12pm GMT (from the 21st Feb) or 7:30pm GMT (1pm or 8:30 CET).   These classes are only £8 as a pay as you go. You get to train in the comfort of your own home, enjoying a live experience within an international community (6 countries now and counting!) Regular members are encouraged to explore QiTribe community (see below). 

Online Classes

QiTribe Membership! For those who want to strive to better their health as well as foster a strong mind, open heart and longevity with the support of an international group of like minded people! Apart from access to online classes, members enjoy the QiTribe community platform where we chat and exchange information, class replays as well as a monthly Q and A sesion and a Secret Monthly Focus, which guides our practice. FIND OUT ABOUT JOINING US.



What is QiGong and how is it different from Taiji (Taichi)?
QiGong is a system of movement and breathing, developed in ancient China as a means of maintaining health and prolonging life. It promotes good circulation and alignment and uses bio feedback mechanisms to improve mood and resilience to stress. QiGong brings you the same benefits as meditation, while also stretching and strengthening the body.

Taiji is an art of moving in a strong, stable and physiological natural way, with roots in Chinese Martial Arts. It develops balance and strength.

In China, businessmen may practise QiGong and Taiji for its health benefits: to increase focus and keep their body agile, while school children do it at the beginning of their lessons. Every martial arts master and every Taiji master will also practise some QiGong, also called “the internal arts”.

What are QiGong & Taiji classes like?
In my classes, you will be able to find a level of training which is right for you, whether you are a beginner, recovering from a disease, or a fit pilates instructor wanting to challenge your mind-body through another approach.
I teach with a focus on meridians and health, using my knowledge of the body as an acupuncturist, according to Western science and Chinese Medicine. I compete Taiji for fun and have won some medals under the guidance of Master Liu XingBo. In my classes, you will find a focus on QiGong enriched by Yang Style Taiji and QiGong-style meditation.
What are the benefits of QiGong and Taiji?
  • deep stress release: like a mini holiday for your mind
  • regaining alignment: which you can maintain in motion in daily life
  • increasing lung capacity: boosting your vitality and mood
  • regulating the central nervous system: becoming more resilient to pressure
  • Holistic stretching and strengthening with no need for a mat and no risk of injury


I had to prepare a very big project over the last few months, and I wanted to let you know that training the QiGong you taught me helped immensely. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to achieve so much, be as productive and creative, if not for the energy I unlocked through practice.

G.N, Germany

Loved this morning’s session. Thank you so much. My oxygen levels went from 97% to 100%! Everyone will benefit from your expertise and kindness.

Elizabeth G, UK, retired

My shoulder is much looser after today’s session, and the back pain that started during lockdown has been consistently going down since I began my practice with you.

Health care practitioner

I’ve always known of the availability of this sense of peace, but never how to control my access to it. But through the hour with Iga, I went from having never heard the term “QiGong”, to fully embodying the free flow of energy it imparts.

Nyssa, UK
Healthcare practitioner at WellNyssTree

After your class, I suddenly have the energy to mow the whole garden! I know I would not have this in me before.

C.M, UK Retired

I am a teacher and work a lot with my voice, which often gets tired. Training QiGong the way you teach it really helps me. I feel my throat relax after just 20 minutes, and it is so much easier to speak.

Asia S, Germany

Qi Gong has the same benefits as meditation, while stretching and strengthening your body

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