Vitality Within Values

You are never just a patient – you are on a journey and Vitality Within is here to support you.


Whether visiting my clinic or practising QiGong together, it is my mission to empower you to unlock your very best health and energy.

You will be guided in understanding the full picture of your health.

You will be given tools to align various aspects of your life with the healing process: through breathing, diet, CNS downregulating strategies, QiGong and acupressure.

Your wishes will always be respected and your questions answered.

So that you emerge from treatment or QiGong course not just healthier, but better equipped to be the best version of yourself.


Connection is about learning from each other. As you trust in me, you are never alone in the healing process: I care deeply about my patients and students and rejoice together with you in your success and growth.

True connection stems from within. Vitality Within is also about the connection to ourselves. Connecting emotions and the body. Connecting cognitive understanding and reality. Bringing consciousness into the embodiment of the here and now. Vitality Within QiGong and Acupunctuer Clinic help you connect to yourself on a deep level, to be and feel whole.

On a larger scale, Vitality Within serves to connect the Eastern Wisdom with the Western scientific understanding. I am uniquely positioned to build this bridge thanks to my Masters of Science background and research lecturer position on the one hand, and my Taiji and QiGong practice on the other. My patients and QiGong students benefit from a truly integrative approach, where science and spirit are sides of the same coin.


Vitality Within clinic aims to minimise waste, banishing as much plastic and single use paper as possible. You are always surrounded by real plants, and hand-made wooden sculptures where possible, not plastic. During Covid PPE regulations I wore washable organic cotton aprons, and now wipe my hands on washable cloths, in a procedure approved by the North Hertforshire infection control and licensing department.

Your Role

I admit these are drops in the ocean of need. Nonetheless, a drop can create a ripple effect. Staying healthy with QiGong and acupuncture, when possible, is much lighter on the Earth’s resources than medication and surgeries.

Likewise, teaching patients to use their diet and local plants such as basil or linden, eliminates the need for importing exotic herbal mixtures.

And when we feel healthy and well, we can take better care of our environment, too.

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